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Read what Moms, Dads and Grandparents are saying about the Wow Cup®!

Mom's Choice Award I bought this for my 34mth old kid because she rejects most if not all spill free cups due to slow water flow. And I am seriously considering keeping it for myself LOL. I love this product; there are no leaks whatsoever, cup is well made and is sturdy. And best of all, the flow of water is acceptable even by adult standards. I find that I can control the water flow by the amt of suction.

Definitely A Wow Cup! This cup is amazing! It really is spill proof. I have been waiting for a cup like this to come my way and I'm so glad I found it! It's easy to use and easy to clean.

Your cups are awesome! I have a two-year-old, and I have tried just about every sippy cup on the market. Your is hands down the best out there. I like that it's made of safe materials, and it is much easier to clean than other sippy cups. It's easy for my daughter to hold, and we both love the bright colors! Thank you Wow Cup!

Forget the sippy cups out there. Buy these! These rock! I will be buying them for/telling everyone about them! No spills, easy transition to open cup: Done deal!

Wow! Wow! These cups are the best. Both my 10 month old daughter and almost 3 year old son took to the cups immediately. My son was a deliberate spiller with the sippy cups. He has not been unable to spill anything with this cup. My daughter is also holding the cup independently. She did not express an interest before in drinking on her own. These cups also do not require a strong sucking action like the sippy cups. The cups are also very attractive, it's cool to mix pieces. These cups also mean the end to the many sippy cups I have been using. I would highly recommend the purchase.

BEST CUP EVER!!! We bought our two yr old three of these and they work just exactly as they say they do. He can drop it or throw it and it will not spill at all. Easy for him to drink from as we'll.

Best cups EVER! I have two year old twin daughters. Our family has been through nearly ALL brands of "no spill" sippy cups, soft spout, hard spout, straw: you name, we've used it. I stuck with the the Nuk Gerber ones that have the little white valve on the inside with the "cup like rim" for a while. But I found that the plastic was splitting where the valve goes in, making the valve fall out any time my daughters threw their cups on the floor or dropped them, thus spewing juice everywhere.

Awesome Cup! My toddler LOVES this cup! He carries it with him almost everywhere he goes. It is perfect because it doesn't leak or spill anywhere.

Then while browsing at Babies R Us I found these cups. I was skeptical, but figured why not try them. All I had to do is show my daughters how to use them once and they got it right away! I did the mommy test (shook them over the sink vigorously) and they didn't spill! After about 3 weeks trial run, I tossed out or donated ALL our other sippy cups, and we now have 4 of these, that's it! My daughters love these so much that they even drink plain water from them, something they'd never done before no matter how hard I tried. I also like the fact that these are good "transition" cups to prepare them for drinking from a real cup. Hopefully I can get them to drink their milk from these soon instead of the dreaded bottle.

Now these cups do leak a very little bit when my daughters throw them on the floor forcefully; I mean they really throw them hard, and a little comes out. But I've tossed them in my purse with my Kindle Fire and iPhone and had no worries of them leaking. Most importantly they don't leak AT ALL when tipped upside down or shook. These are super easy to clean and they offer replacement silicone and tops on their website. These also come with lids to close them up if need be. The colors are all super cute as well.

Excellent cup. My son loves this cup. He caught on how to use it before I did! 100% leak and spill proof.

Our Favorite Sippies. We have tried just about every sippy cup out there. We have 15 month old twin boys and they took to these right away. Before these we tried the Sassy 360 cups since they were less expensive but they were returned right away as they were way to difficult to drink from. I just ordered another set of these and I have a feeling they'll get lots of use. Highly recommend!

Never going back to another sippy / straw cup. Although my just-turned-2-year-old can drink out of a regular cup pretty well, he has a hard time keeping the cup on the table and knocks it down about 50% of the time. So I use a combination of regular cups (gotta keep practicing) and straw/sippy cups. I've yet to find a sippy cup/straw cup that doesn't leak. I stumbled onto the Wow cup and ordered a set of 2.

The Wow cup has been great! My kid had no trouble drinking from it the first time he tried it, and it hasn't leaked at all, even when knocked off the table. Just like advertised (check their website), the cup does not leak even when held upside down. The only way I got it to leak was to hold it upside down and shake it around somewhat forcefully...which he doesn't normally don't do, since he has other fun things to shake around, like mommy's fragile phone.

My favorite thing about this cup besides being spill-proof is how easy clean-up is! The three pieces of the cup come apart so easily (but not so easily to kids) and goes into the dishwasher. Done.

The next best thing is that it travels better than my straw/sippy cups...even ones with lids, including my Foogo bottles, all of which have leaked in my bag in the past. I travel with Wow cups in my bag without leakage, unbelievably...they look like they will leak, but they haven't so far.

The cup and lid are made of very thick, sturdy and weighty BPA-free plastic. The valve is made of silicone. I just ordered 2 more Wow cups. I was tempted to buy a set of Sassy Grow Up cups since they are less than half the price of Wow cups (for a set of 2)...but I didn't want to take a chance. Besides, I think Wow cups have a much more pleasing, modern design compared to Sassy.


What a great design. Easy to clean and works so well. I feel better about this item than other cups for my baby. Amazing and highly recommend!

This cup looks cool, works great, and can't get all gunky like traditional sippy cups. Our daughter was weak drinking suction and cannot drink from "sippy" cups because she cannot master the sucking pattern, but can easily drink from this cup! I highly recommend it for any child, it is much easier to clean than most and it teaches proper drinking habits, eliminating a need for any sippy cup really. My daughter went straight from a bottle to this as an older child with oral motor issues.

In the interest of getting our 15 month old permanently off the bottle, we purchased an arsenal of sippy cups to combat bottle dependency. We were continually baffled by the myriad combinations of plugs, straws, nipples, and locking mechanisms employed by countless cup designs, none of which seem to operate as intended and all of which seem to be some vague compromise in ideal drinking function. But we were determined that we would eventually find the cup that appeals to our son's ergonomic preference. Upon first opening the package and removing this cup, we were baffled that it had such high reviews. We turned it around and unscrewed the lid and mouthed distaste like a couple of apes encountering their first human tool. We tried drinking out of it ourselves, failed, and determined that it was a stupid design and threw it aside, saddened by our wasted money. But then we revisited it, and realized its function is ridiculously simple. Just drink it like a normal cup, pressing just a bit harder on the silicone than one would on a normal cup, and sucking a bit. Voila: liquid in mouth. We gave it to our son and he instantly grasped it, put it to his mouth and tilted it clumsily against his face making sucking sounds. We watched with great concentration as it appeared that he was swallowing. Then he slammed the cup down on his food tray and said "ahhhhh". We looked at one another in disbelief. Then he did it again, and we confirmed that he was taking in fluid. So, it appears this works very well, and is so simple that even a baby can figure it out (but not parents).

I love these Cups. my mom and I were discussing how much better they are compared to other children's sippy cups. They are wonderful!

I love that there are lots of color for the cups so that both of my daughters don't have to have the same cup. I love that I do not have to worry about them when they take their drinks into their bedrooms. No more spills!

The Wow Cups are well made. They've been through the diswasher many times and survived many daily trips back and forth to school.

My children are so happy now with their Wow Cups! Other sippy cups are more difficult to use and I like the fact that my children are training to drink from a round cup. No more spouts for my kids!

These are the best kids cups ever and (dare I say it) better than all those other sippy cups! Keep on Wowing!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that these cups are a healthy and fun option for my kids. Not only do I want a safe and healthy drinking cup for my kids but my kids just love drinking from the Wow Cup and take it everywhere. I do not have to worry because I know they are spill-free. The Wow Cup is mandatory when we drive in the car. I always fill my kids cups up with water or juice so they can have a drink in the car. I have no worries while driving and it's such a peaceful feeling.

(and especially all the wonderful colors!!!).

I use the Wow Cups at my day care center. I love the fact that I can mix and match the colors to create a personal cup for each of the kids. And the freshness lids are a great option so we can store the cups and keep them clean and fresh. Thank you Wow Gear for making my life easier and giving so much fun to my kids!

These cups are long overdue. They are healthy, well-designed, high quality, and lots of colors to choose from. Well done!

I truly can't believe how well the Wow Cup works!! I was skeptical about how the liquid would flow and I can't believe how effortlessly you have to sip for it to come out! Thanks for sharing your wonderful product with me, truly a WOW cup!

WOW, your cups are the best! No more spills! Got cups for 2 of my grandchildren (2 and 4 years old); now they claim their cups as soon as they walk in our door. Caution: Be sure kids understand that only the WOW cup won't spill. Our 2-year-old granddaughter tried tossing her old sippy cup to see if its contents would spill. We have disposed of all cups and will now use WOW cups exclusively!

The Wow Kids cup is easy to clean (it's dishwasher safe) since it comes apart into
3 pieces and, once disassembled, there are no inaccessible crevices. It's not a
hassle to disassemble or reassemble the cup, as I've found some other sippy cups
to be. I am very excited to have received this product and I like it so much I felt
compelled to share. Now that I am confident it's a quality product, the price tag isn't
quite so intimidating...If I could afford it, I'd switch out ALL of our cups and use these exclusively, and I had two friends express the same.

Having 4 kids 3, 5, 9 and 12, I have tried TONS of different no spill cups. These Wow Cups were by far THE BEST. I loved how easy it was to clean and no small parts to lose. Even our older son of 12 years old loved that he could keep water by and in his bed at night and not spill anything.

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