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Usage and Cleaning

Watch our "How To" Assemble Video !

"How To Video" on Dis-assembly and Assembly of the Wow Cup.


1. Clean thoroughly before using.

Fill the Wow Cup® with your favorite beverage. We do not recommend carbonated and hot beverages. If using juice with pulp, we recommend you strain the juice before pouring into the cup.

After filling with desired amount below the valve ring, Snap the valve into the locking valve ring and then Twist the valve ring onto the cup. Make sure the valve ring is securely tightened before giving the Wow Cup® to your child.

The Wow Cup® is made from durable plastics that are food safe and will last a long time under normal usage conditions. However, we always recommend you examine your cup before giving the cup to your child. Dispose of any components if they show any signs of tears or breakage. Replacement parts are available at

The Wow Cup® is refrigerator safe and ice cube friendly. The optional Freshness Lid is a great way to store your cup with a beverage at home or on the go.

6. Clean after each use.


The Wow Cup® is easy and simple to clean. We recommend you clean before use and immediately after use. Fully disassemble all 3 main parts (the Silicone snap-in valve, the plastic locking valve ring and the cup see diagram )before washing. All three parts need to be removed for cleaning. See our VIDEO above for more information related to assembly and disassembly of the 3 parts. If hand washing use clean hands and surfaces and wash in warm, soapy water. All the components can be washed in the dishwasher using a delicate wash cycle and placed on a top rack (This cleaning is more aggressive and over time the colors could fade). Also, make sure the parts are away from the dishwasher heating elements during drying. Always rinse the components thoroughly after each wash. Hand or air dry after washing by hand.

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